Policy Library

Policy Library

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The college has established four types of policy groups as shown below.

This area is a “work in progress” as the College is in the process of developing a Policy Library to make all College policies readily available to faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders. This is part of our overall effort to promote a culture of accountability and transparency and demonstrates our commitment to conduct College business in a lawful and ethical manner.

The College has established four types of policy groups as shown below. Please refer to Presidential Policy 02.40 (2020) for additional information:

Addresses governance of the College

Promulgates the President’s decision on the operation of the College, Area Commission actions, changes in law or new administrative issues.

Addresses critical operational matters to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other governmental policies.

Provisional policy established by the Area Commission or President to address an emergent need or exigency.

Following are several newly adopted College policies:

Newly Adopted College Policies

Area Commission Policy

Presidential Policy

Administrative Policy

Interim Policy

Existing College Policies





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