Policy Library

This area is a “work in progress” as the College is in the process of developing a Policy Library to make all College policies readily available to faculty, staff, students and other stakeholders. This is part of our overall effort to promote a culture of accountability and transparency and demonstrates our commitment to conduct College business in a lawful and ethical manner.

The College has established four types of policy groups as shown below. Please refer to Presidential Policy 02.40 (2020) for additional information:

  • Area Commission Policy – Addresses governance of the College
  • Presidential Policy – Promulgates the President’s decision on the operation of the College, Area Commission actions, changes in law or new administrative issues.
  • Administrative Policy – Addresses critical operational matters to ensure compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and other governmental policies.
  • Interim Policy – Provisional policy established by the Area Commission or President to address an emergent need or exigency.

Following are several newly adopted College policies:

Newly Adopted College Policies

Area Commission Policy (2020) Cash Disbursement Policy (2020) College President Evaluation Policy (2020) Ethics Requirements for Employees and Public Officials (2020) Labor Relations (2020) Equal Opportunity (2020) Contagious Diseases, Infections and Pandemic (2020) Conflict of Interest Policy (2020) Foundations and Other College Affiliated Organizations

Presidential Policy (2020) Policy Classification and Numbering System (2020) Faculty and Staff Personnel Involvement in the Decision-Marking Process

Administrative Policy

03.10.01 (2020) Class Attendance Policy
03.10.02 (2020) Course Syllabus 
03.10.03 (2020) Length of Academic Semesters
03.10.04 (2020) Grading System and Standards of Student Progress
03.10.05 (2020) Transfer Policy
03.10.06 (2020) Academic Forgiveness Policy
03.10.07 (2020) Assessment of Student Achievement
03.10.08 (2020) Student Withdrawal Policy                                                                                                                                                                         03.10.09 (2020) Dual Enrollment Policy (2020) Copyright Infringement and Sanctions (2020) Dropping and Adding Courses (2020) Final Course Grade Appeals (2020) Grade Correction                                                                                                                                                                      (2020) Incomplete Grade Awarding and Removing                                                                                                                                    (2020) Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act Policy (2020) Bookstore Operations (2020) Maintenance Policy (2020) Asset & Inventory Management Policy (2020) Facilities Reservations Procedures (2020) Unrestricted Net Assets and Restricted Net Assets Policy (2020) Return of Title IV Funds (2020) Refund Policy (2020) Accounts Payable Policies and Procedures (2020) Employee Telecommuting/Teleworking (2020) Notification of Employment Status Policy (2020) Secondary Employment Outside Denmark Technical College Policy (2020) Holiday Policy (2020) Disciplinary Action Policy (2020) College Email Signature Conventions (2020) College Announcements (2020)_Freedom of Information Policy (2020) Illegal Immigrant Reform ACT (2020) Residency Policy

Interim Policy

01 (2020) Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) – Emergency Family and Medical Leave Expansion (EFMLA)
02 (2020) Family First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) – Emergency Paid Sick Leave Act (EPSLA)
03 (2020) Incomplete Grade Awarding and Removing Policy
04 (2020) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Virtual Testing
05 (2020) Coronavirus (COVID-19) Admissions Policy
06 (2020) Protective Masks and Other COVID-19 Prevention Measures

Existing College Policies

Fiscal Affairs


Development Policy And Procedure At DTC
Development Policy And Procedure At DTC
Evaluation of President
Development of Administrative Policy


Employee Performance Mang Sys
Dissemination Of Information
Freedom of Information
Solicitation And Distribution of Info
Americans With Disabilities Act
Use And Consumption Of Alcohol On Campus
Institutional Advancement
Acceptance Of Donated Property
Institutional Committees
Professional Development
Affirmative Action
Crime Awareness And Campus Security
Lending College Equipment
Hazardous And Inclement Weather
Use Of Institutional Vehicle
Use Of Laptop Computers
Allocation Of Computer Resources
Policy Of The DTC Foundation
DTC Substance Abuse Policy
Acceptable Stdt UseFor Computer Labs
Acceptable Use Policy For Network
DTC Mission Statement Revision Policy
Substantive Change
Intellectual Property
Policy Compliance


Inter Service Area Contractual
Inter Service Area Curriculum
Faculty Loading
Faculty Teaching Load
Admission To Acad Prog Limited Admission
Curriculum Development Procedure
Curriculum Development
Academic Freedom
Cancellation Of Classes
Class Attendance Withdrawl
Academic Advising
Exam Schedule
Advisory Committees
Class Length
Grading System
Office Hours
Program Suspension Or Cancellation
Transfer Credit
Dropping And Adding Courses
Credit By Examination
Approval Of Academic Progs And Org
Tech Based Instruction Deliv Sys
F&S Personnel Involvement
Residency Requirements For Graduation
Effort To Benefit
Collection Development Policy
Postsecondary Non Academic Achievement
Academic Forgiveness Policy
Grading System And Standards Of Academic Progress
Standards Of Academic Progress
Grading System And Standards Of Student Progress
Instructional Program Eval Timetable And Proc
Dual Enrollment Policy
R Dual Enrollment Policy
Open Admissions 1993
Open Admissions 1995
Open Admissions 2010
Open Admissions 2010 R
Length of Academic Semester
Athletic Programs
R Transfer Credit 2010
Transfer Credit 2010
Faculty Loading

Fiscal Affairs

Approval of Student Fees
Uncollectible Receivables
Travel Policy 1999
Travel 1995
Travel Policy 2001
College Club Treasuries
Outstanding Checks
Student Indebtedness To The College
College Identification Card
Student Refund Policy
Purchasing Policies And Procedures
Travel Policy 1999
Bookstore Operations
Facility Usage
Approval Of Student Fees
Expenditures For Promotional Activities
Employee Quality Assurance


Employment Of Adjunct Faculty
OT And Compensatory Time For NonExempt Empl
Termination Of Employment Exit Interview
Personnel Files
Sexual Harassment
Designation Of Authority Of Personnel Actions
Employment Verification
Leave Transfer Donation Policy
Employee Per for Management System
Faculty Performance Management System
Faculty Performance Management System
Employment Practices
Secondary Employment Outside State Gov