Residence Life

Residence Life

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Residence Life at DTC

Congratulations! You have chosen to live and become a community member in the residential halls at Denmark Technical College. You are about to embark on the most exciting and challenging experiences of your lifetime, You have a tremendous opportunity to learn more about yourself, other cultures, and the world around you while living on campus. By living on campus, you have the convenience of living near classrooms and the opportunity to participate in student activities and campus programs. So come and experience the difference as you begin your path to academic excellence!

Our Cozy Residence Halls are the Perfect Place to Start Your College Journey

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Student Housing

  • Complete Housing Application
  • Complete Medical Forms
  • Submit Student Contract Housing Agreement and Consent Form

Student Resources

Welcome To Campus

By living on campus, you have the convenience of living near classrooms and the opportunity to participate in student activities and campus programs.

Student Housing

Complete a Housing Application with a $75.00 non-refundable application fee here.

All new applicates are required to complete the Denmark Technical College Health Form.  Please download and complete the form here.

Upon receipt of the Housing Application, a $75.00 non-refundable deposit, and a completed medical form, the Office of Residence Life will mail the Student Housing Contract Agreement Form and Parent Consent Form (for students under the age of 18) for student signature.



Enrollment Building 29 Room 111

 All room and board costs can be found here

All residential students enrolled at Denmark Technical College will be required to have three (3) meals a day meal plan.  During academic breaks, the dining hall is closed and reopened upon students return.

Meal plans are optional for commuting students.

Research in student development indicate that residential living supports student transition to a college or university. Residential living may ease the transition to the DTC environment and provide significant support for the inherent challenges of heightened academic rigor and increased independence in the first year of college. The office of Residence Life provides each student with a Living Learning Guide.

No, housing is closed during holidays and breaks

An LLC or Living-Learning Community is an environment afforded to students with similar academic interest to reside together and participate in programs that supports their academic, social, and personal growth and development.

No. While we strongly encourage students to live on campus to experience all that DTC has to offer, it is not required.

The Office of Residence Life is committed to working to meet the housing needs of all students in a nurturing community that values diversity and promotes the dignity of all people. While the Office of Residence Life focuses on creating an inclusive environment where students can live and learn securely regardless of sex, gender, gender identity, or gender expression, all students who have concerns in this area are required to contact the Office of Residence Life at (803) 793-5154 or

All residence halls issues are handled by the Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life Dr. Hinton at (803) 793-5154 or

All students will be charges a fee of $50 for replacement of room keys. Students will be required to pay all fees to the business office before receiving a new key. Students will be required to show paid receipt to residence hall staff.

Student Resources

  • Edisto Hall – 803-780-7095
  • Dawkins Hall – 803-780-7094
  • King Hall – 803-793-5282

Students are required to follow proper check-out procedures when moving out of a residence hall. When the following procedures are not followed, students may be subject to a residential fine of up to $250.  Any check-out procedure issued by the Office of Residence Life at the end of a semester must also be followed.

  • To prepare for checking out of your room, the portion of the room for which you are responsible must be cleared and clean.
  • A staff member will compare the condition of the room with a Residence Hall Agreement form that was completed when you moved into the room.
  • Floors are to be swept and moped.
  • Bag trash and take it outside to the dumpster
  • Clean and dust all surfaces (shelves, mirrors, desktops, dresser top, etc.
  • Charges will be applied to the account if college staff are required to replace a bed – or other furniture – that was moved out by the student (Furniture should be placed back in its original arrangement).
  • All college-issued keys must be returned to hall staff at the time of checkout or there will be a charge for changing locks and issuing new keys.
  • Staff will check all rooms for repair-replacement charges.
  • Over long breaks, students are requested to close windows, turn out lights, unplug all electrical items and leave the door closed and locked.

Abandoned property and improper check-out: Any student property that is left behind beyond the residency contract dates is subject to being considered abandoned by the student. In cases where students abandon property at the end of the semester (excluding the transition period between Fall to Spring semester), the College may, at its discretion dispose of the property pursuant to the Disposition of Personal Property Landlord and Tenant Act as outlined in SC Code State Statute 27-40-730.

The college will make a reasonably good faith effort to reach out to the student, should property (excluding trash) be left behind beyond the student’s residency to make arrangements for the student to secure any property left behind. The college cannot, under any circumstances provide storage space or assurance of protection for the property. Should a student abandon property in the residence halls, a notice will be sent to the student and the student will be responsible for any care or removal costs of their property. If a student fails to respond to a notice about abandoned property, the college reserves the right to dispose of personal property and may charge the student for any costs associated with abandoned property disposal.

Mission Statement for the Office of Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life at Denmark Technical College, in support of the College’s mission and vision is committed to developing a safe and supportive living and learning environment, through the implementation of innovative learning programming and academic interventions.
Our mission is accomplished by providing:
  • Excellent high-quality and prompt delivery of customer service.
  • Excellent living conditions, safe, accessible, and functional facilities.
  • Intentional educational programming to positively affect student maturity, retention, engagement, and academic excellence.
  • A community where students will be developed holistically by embracing the promotion of the value of the human person.
Dr. Samuel Hinton

Dr. Samuel Hinton

Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life

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Marcus Terry

Assistant Director of Residence Life

Contact Us

Email is the preferred method of communication. However, phone calls, and office visits are welcome.
O: 803-793-5154
C: 803-378-4674

Office Location

Denmark Technical College
1126 Solomon Blatt Blvd.
Denmark, SC 29042

In Person Visits

Building 29
Office 111