The Student Experience

The Student Experience

Financial Aid

The Denmark Technical College Student Development and Campus Life Department works to provide a safe and secure environment that fosters students’ intellectual, psychological, physical, and social development. A diverse range of programs, activities, and services are designed to enhance the student experience.

Beginning with mandatory orientation, students are familiarized with their new surroundings and the services available to them. They are encouraged to become active participants in Denmark Technical College life.

Diversity and Multicultural Activities
The diversity o the student body contributes to the cultural enrichment of the College community. Many ethnic and multicultural events are planned to promote understanding of the similarities and differences among cultures.

Student Organizations
Students are encouraged to join or form student organizations that address their interests and concerns – whether social, cultural, academic, or recreational in purpose – and offer opportunities to network, share, and lead.

Community Service
Community service opportunities abound at Denmark Tech, allowing students to work with charitable organizations and participate in local activities that benefit the greater community.

Athletics and Recreation
A variety of athletic programs and recreational activities empower students to develop leadership, sportsmanship, and interpersonal skills through intercollegiate, intramural, and club activities.

Student Activities
Recognizing that learning extends far beyond the classroom, each location schedules a range of student activities – including field trips, guest speakers, social and cultural events, and more to contribute to the Denmark Technical College experience.

Student Government
All students have a voice in Denmark Technical College governance through the Student Government Association (SGA). Elected SGA officers act as a liaison between students and administration, and help plan campus activities and events.

Honor Societies
High academic achievers may join a variety of honor societies in recognition of their accomplishments.

Personal Counseling
Personal counseling services are available to all students to assist students with social, emotional, or academic issues. The Student Development and Campus Life Department also offers special seminars based on student needs, interests, and demands.