Dual Enrollment

Upon the written approval of their principal, qualified high school juniors and seniors may be granted early admission to the College on a space-available basis. Requirements for early admission are the same as for the admission of new students. Upon graduation, the student may apply for admission as a regular student in a degree, diploma or certificate-granting curriculum.

In order for a high school student to be granted early admission, he or she must:

1. Be a high school junior or senior.

2. Submit written permission from the high school principal. This permission must indicate that the student is in good standing with the high school.

3. Have demonstrated sufficient academic preparation for college work. If upon graduation from high school, the student enrolls at Denmark Technical College; all credits earned will be applicable toward the appropriate degree, diploma or certificate. If enrolling at another post-secondary institution, students may have their credits transferred, pending acceptance by the other institution.

Contact Us:

Dual Enrollment Coordinators

Ms. Doris Beard – beardd@denmarktech.edu

Mr. Robert Peacock – peacockr@denmarktech.edu