Dual Enrollment

Program Quick Facts

Dual Enrollment is High School Students taking college classes while you are still in high school.

Upon the written approval of their principal, qualified high school juniors and seniors may be granted early admission to the College on a space-available basis. Requirements for early admission are the same as for the admission of new students. Upon graduation, the student may apply for admission as a regular student in a degree, diploma or certificate-granting curriculum.

In order for a high school student to be granted early admission, he or she must:

  1. Be a high school junior or senior.
  2. Submit written permission from the high school principal. This permission must indicate that the student is in good standing with the high school.
  3. Have demonstrated sufficient academic preparation for college work. If upon graduation from high school, the student enrolls at Denmark Technical College; all credits earned will be applicable toward the appropriate degree, diploma or certificate. If enrolling at another post-secondary institution, students may have their credits transferred, pending acceptance by the other institution.


Dual Enrollment is High School Students taking college classes while you are still in high school.

  • Student attends DE Orientation
  • Student has Interest/Counselor Recommendation
  • Student meets one of the multiple measures req.
  • Student is advised by the DE Coordinator and HS Counselor
  • Student completes required DTC documents
  • Student is enrolled in courses
  • Can articulate why he/she is interested in DE
  • Meets college DE admissions requirements
  • Can follow through on multi-step tasks
  • Self-motivated (will communicate with professor)
  • Self-starter
  • Mature
  • Organized
  • Takes initiative
  • Responsible
  • Has a specific pathway planned for graduation
  • Can overcome any logistical challenges of traveling to and from the local high school and college
  1. A Dual Enrollment course is a college course in all respects. The curriculum and teaching methods are the same as used in other college courses. Students will be expected to conduct themselves as college students, and regular academic policies applicable to courses taught at the college’s main campus also apply to Dual Enrollment courses.  While taking courses through Denmark Technical College, the student must adhere to all college policies and regulations contained in the college catalog, student handbook, registration guide, and course syllabus.
  2. To prepare for college course assignments, all college students should expect to invest at least as much time out-of-class as in-class reading and studying. All students should schedule more study time when they have an exam or when projects are due.
  3. High school courses may not address the same controversial issues or subject matter as a college course. Dual Enrollment students should be prepared to participate in college level class discussions.
  4. The instructor is available to answer any questions a student may have. If students have any concerns about their performance in the course or are not sure of an assignment, the student should speak with the instructor.
  5. Students are responsible for all materials related to the course whether or not they are in class the day the information is given or the assignment is made. Students will need to talk to their instructor to make arrangements for receiving handouts, classroom information, obtaining lecture notes, or turning in work. Parents and students should seriously discuss priorities before and during enrollment in a Dual Enrollment course. Keep in mind, an absence is defined as “a student not being in class.”
  6. The student should pay careful attention to the instructor’s system for assigning grades. The instructor’s grading system is covered in the course syllabus which is distributed at the beginning of each course.
    1. Do not expect to repeat work in order to improve a grade.
    2. Do not expect to do extra work to bring up a low grade.
    3. Do not expect to receive extra credit for attendance.



  • Allendale-Fairfax High School
  • Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School
  • Barnwell High School
  • Barnwell Career Center
  • Blackville-Hilda High School
  • Denmark-Olar High School
  • Jefferson-Davis Academy
  • Williston-Elko High School

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