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Our priorities include small class sizes, commitment to the educational growth of our students, and pride in our outstanding faculty who have actual experience in their fields.

Denmark Technical College follows an “open door” policy and imposes reasonable standards for admission to the institution. However, the criteria for entry into individual programs vary. All new students, both freshmen and transfer students, must submit an application to be admitted to a program of study by the Admissions Office.

Admission to a specific program requires that the applicant has appropriate educational preparation, satisfactory placement test scores, and all admission requirements completed. Students having academic deficiencies will be required to enroll in the Transitional Studies Program. This is determined by the American College Testing Program’s ASSET/COMPASS examination, which is administered to all students. Educational programs have minimum test score requirements.

These requirements, and any others necessary for entrance to a specific program of study, are stated in each program of study.

Admission Requirements

Applicants for admission to the College must be 18 years of age or older. A high school diploma or GED certificate, though desired, is not a prerequisite for college admission but may be required for specific program admission Under certain circumstances, an applicant under the age of 18 who has not graduated from high school may be considered for enrollment through special arrangements between the College and the principal of the school where the applicant has been, or is enrolled. In order for a student who does not have a high school diploma to receive Title IV funds, they must meet the College’s policy and procedures for equivalency of a high school diploma.

News Students

Step 1:

Complete and submit an application form online at www.denmarktech.edu or mail the completed form and application fee of $10.00 (payable by cashier’s check or money order) to: The Admission Office, Denmark Technical College, 1126 Solomon Blatt Blvd. P.O. Box 327, Denmark, SC 29042. The application must be filled out carefully and completely.

Step 2:

Before you can register for courses at Denmark Technical College, you must take the Placement Test (Accuplacer). If you have already taken the Placement Test, through your high school, request a copy to be sent to the Admissions Office. Please be advised that scores three years or older will not be accepted. SAT or ACT scores may be presented in lieu of college Placement Test.

Step 3:

The applicant for a specific program may be required to request an official copy of his or her high school transcript be sent to the Admissions Office. Applicants who possess a GED should submit official GED scores. As of July 1, 2012 an applicant may self-certify on the FAFSA that he has received a high school diploma or GED or other equivalency. Self-certification ends June 30, 2013. If you have attended other colleges, please request that an official transcript from each college be sent to the Admissions Office.

Step 4:

Students will receive notification of acceptance by the Admissions Office.

Denmark Technical College will accept and give credit for work completed at other accredited colleges and universities. Applicants seeking such credits should complete the regular application form and request an official transcript of work from all colleges previously attended. If fewer than 15 hours have been earned on the collegiate level, a completed high school transcript may be requested for specific programs.

How Do Transfer Students Apply?

  1. Submit an application for admissions
  2. Provide official transcripts from all previously attended institutions from which they are seeking transfer credit. Mail college and/or high school transcripts to: Enrollment Services at Denmark Technical College, P. O. Box 327, Denmark, SC 29042.
  3. Apply for financial aid online at www.fafsa.ed.gov.

Please note: The submission of fraudulent records or information constitutes grounds for denial of admissions or dismissal from the college.

Former Denmark Technical College students who were not enrolled for the preceding academic term (excluding summer term) and who wish to re-enroll must first complete a readmission application. Forms are available in the Admissions Office. Students who have attended another college during the interim should request the college to send an official transcript of all academic work. Applicants for re-admission are subject to established assessment and placement guidelines to ensure appropriate course placement and to promote student success.

A student completing one program may apply for admission to another program by following the general admission procedures. Credits for parallel courses will be granted accordingly. The college reserves the right to refuse admission to any student who has an unacceptable academic, conduct, or health record. Persons who have any financial obligation to the College must resolve these obligations before they will be allowed to register for classes.

Transient Students

If you are enrolled at a college other than Denmark Tech and you would like to take classes at Denmark Tech in order to transfer them back to your “home” college, you are considered a Transient student. Transient students are responsible for tuition and fees.

You must complete a Transient Form of the courses you wish to take at Denmark Tech for transfer back to your college. The form must be signed by the dean and/or registrar at your home college. Student Records will automatically sent your grade to your home college/university upon completion of the course(s) and all fees and tuition have been paid.

Next Steps

As an institution within the South Carolina Technical and Comprehensive Education system, Denmark Technical College is committed to keeping the costs of attending the college to a minimum for students.