WorkKeys empowers individuals to make informed career decisions.

The WorkKeys system is an advanced, computerized system of job analysis designed to meet the needs of the individuals who want to work, employers who want qualified employees and educators and trainers who want to help learners become qualified employees. As WorkKeys Service Center licensed by ACT, Denmark Technical College will provide unique and special access to all services of the WorkKeys system including job profiling (analysis), assessment, instructional support, reporting services and job placement/matching.

The WorkKeys system currently includes: Applied Mathematics, Applied Technology, Listening, Locating Information, Observation, Reading for Information, Teamwork, and Writing. Each skill is described by a skill scale. The same skill scale is the basis of the system and its four components.

The assessments measure the skills of the individual; profiling measures the level of skill required for a particular job or occupation; instructional support provides structure for teaching the skills; and reports and research serve as the communication links between examiners, employers, and educator.

The WorkKeys system from American College Testing(ACT) is an effective network of information services designed to help bridge this skills gap. By providing individuals with reliable information regarding their own workplace skill levels and the skill levels required by jobs, WorkKeys empowers individuals to make informed career decisions. By providing employers with a common metric for evaluating the jobs they need to staff, and people who want to work, WorkKeys facilitates fair and useful hiring strategies.

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