The Impact Report of the QEP

Directions: Please include Part V with Parts I, II, and III on the same electronic device or with the same print document. It should not be combined with Part IV. Entitle it “QEP Impact Report.”

Definition The Impact Report, submitted five years prior to the institution’s next decennial review, is a report demonstrating the extent to which the QEP has affected outcomes related to student learning. It is part of the institution’s Fifth-Year Interim Report.
Audience The Impact Report is reviewed by the Committee on Fifth-Year Interim Reports.
Elements The following elements should be addressed in the narrative:
(1) the title and a brief description of the institution’s Quality Enhancement Plan as initially presented;
(2) a succinct list of the initial goals and intended outcomes of the QEP;
(3) a discussion of changes made to the QEP and the reasons for making those changes; and
(4) a description of the QEP’s direct impact on student learning including the achievement of goals and outcomes as outlined in item three above, and unanticipated outcomes of the QEP, if any.

The report should not exceed ten pages, including narrative and appendices.