History and Characteristics
Provide a brief history of the institution, a description of its current mission, an indication of its geographic service area, and a description of the composition of the student population. Include a description of any unusual or distinctive features of the institution and a description of the admissions policies (open, selective, etc.).

List of Degrees
List all degrees currently offered (A. S., B.A., B.S., M.A., Ph.D., for examples) and the majors or concentrations within those degrees, as well as all certificates and diplomas.

Locations and Distance Education
List all new off-campus sites established since your previous reaffirmation where a student can be awarded a degree, certificate, or diploma at the site or where a student can obtain 50 percent or more of credits toward the educational program.
List all locations (country, state, and city) where coursework toward a degree, diploma, or certificate can be obtained primarily through traditional classroom instruction. For each site, indicate the partial or complete degree offered and, for each degree, certificate, or diploma, whether a student can obtain 50 percent of credits toward any of the educational programs.
Provide a brief description of distance education credit offerings that can be obtained primarily through electronic means and indicate where the students are located. Indicate any degree or certificate programs that can be completed primarily through electronic means. Please limit this brief description to one-half page.