Computer & Wireless Connection Use

The Learning Resources Center (LRC), provides a continuum collection of books, newspapers, periodicals, electronic resources, web based resources and the Internet.


Resources made available via library computer workstations are provided to support the teaching and learning needs of all students, faculty and staff:

  • Research and course-related activities are a priority for any library computer.
  • No games are allowed on any library computer. Users may not add any application, program or image to the system.
  • Library computer workstations are to provide equitable access. Time limits will be imposed as deemed necessary.
  • Individuals are reminded that the material displayed on a computer screen must be appropriate for a public environment. Inappropriate material causes a disturbance and will be treated as student misbehavior. The continued misuse of library computers will result in loss of privileges and possible disciplinary actions.
  • Downloading or printing questionable material may result in loss of computer usage.
  • Persons using these computers are liable for any copyright infringement.


You can log into our wireless network from your own laptop by following these steps:

  1. For easy access to DTC’s wireless network, bring any device such as a laptop or mobile device (iphone, smartphone, etc.) that is wifi enabled.
  2. Find a list of available wireless networks. Depending on the device, instructions may vary. Generally you can go to your network connections and settings options to choose a network.
  3. Choose "DTC Wireless" to connect to our wireless network.
  4. If further assistance is needed, please contact library staff.
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The Academic Support Center provides tutoring and mentoring support to all Denmark Technical College students. Through these services, students will be afforded the opportunity to become independent learners and strengthen their academic weaknesses. The center is located in building 029 and is equipped with a tutorial computer lab for on-line tutoring services. DTC students may apply for tutoring at any point in a semester. All students are required to log in for sessions. Services are free to currently enrolled DTC students.